10 Steps to Mastering APA 7 In-Text Citation with Page Number


In academia, the American Psychological Association (APA) style is renowned for its lucidity, exactness, and understandability. One notable component is the in-text citation with page number, which is pivotal in giving credit to original information sources. This write-up serves as a comprehensive 10-step guide on mastering APA 7 in-text citation with page numbers.

Grasping APA In-Text Citations

The APA in-text citation is a referencing method that acknowledges information sources in academic writing. It instructs authors on the integration of the author’s name, year of publication, and page number into their work.

The Role of Page Numbers in APA Citations

Page numbers in APA in-text citations are not merely a requirement but also an essential aspect of scholarly writing. They aid readers in pinpointing the exact information source and validating the cited data’s accuracy.

Mastering APA 7 In-Text Citation

APA 7 In-Text Citation Structure with Page Number

The fundamental structure of an APA 7 in-text citation with page number comprises the author’s surname, year of publication, and page number. An example is (Doe, 2020, p. 23). If citing multiple pages, use ‘pp.’ in place of ‘p.’ as in (Doe, 2020, pp. 23-25).

Quoting Directly in APA 7

Direct quotes are word-for-word extracts from a source. In APA 7, direct quotes necessitate the inclusion of page numbers. The structure is: (Author’s Surname, Year, p. Page Number). For instance, (Brown, 2018, p. 45).

Paraphrasing in APA 7

Paraphrasing means expressing someone else’s ideas in your own words. For rephrased content, APA 7 advises including page numbers where feasible to enable readers to locate the original source effortlessly. For example: (Johnson, 2019, p. 78).

Citing Multiple Authors in APA 7

For works with two authors, include both names every time you cite the work: (Smith & Johnson, 2021, p. 12). For works with three or more authors, cite the first author followed by ‘et al.’: (Jones et al., 2020, p.34).

Citing Multiple Works in One Parenthesis

When citing multiple works within one set of parentheses, arrange the citations alphabetically as they would appear in the reference list and separate them with semicolons: (Brown, 2018, p.45; Johnson, 2019, p.78; Smith & Johnson, 2021, p.12).

Citing Works without Page Numbers

In instances where page numbers are unavailable, such as websites or online articles without pagination, use paragraph numbers if available: (Williams, 2021, para. 4). If paragraph numbers are not visible, cite the heading and the number of the paragraph following it: (Williams, 2021, “Introduction,” para. 2).


Mastering APA 7 in-text citation with page number is vital for anyone involved in academic writing. It helps uphold your work’s credibility, acknowledge original authors, and guide readers to the original information source. By adhering to this comprehensive 10-step guide, you can ensure that your in-text citations are accurate, clear, and align with APA 7 guidelines. For more details on citations without page numbers, check out these essential tips for mastering in text citation mla without page number.

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